Moving Tips

With a checklist, you will make sure that you are fully prepared for before and after your moving day—you will be able go through every necessary task efficiently and chronologically. Read on to l find a moving house checklist that will help you stay organised and make your move run smoothly.​


2 - 3 months before your move

  • Book time off work for before and after your move

  • Ask your employer if they offer relocation assistance

  • Look for a new school and transfer your children’s records

  • Start decluttering – go through each room one by one and identify items to sell, donate, or throw away

  • Check your life and home insurance policies to make sure you are covered

5 – 6 weeks before your move

  • Book a removal date with us

  • Gather packing materials from the removal company or from alternative sources

  • Make a complete inventory of your belongings

  • Begin packing, working room by room – start with items that are not immediately necessary

  • Check for parking restrictions in the area of your current home and new home. Apply for parking permits, suspensions, or dispensations

  • If you are renting, inform your landlord of your moving date

1 month before your move

  • Make arrangements for childcare and pet care during your moving day

  • Start emptying your fridge, freezer, and pantry strategically – create a meal plan

  • Confirm the moving day with us

  • Inform people such, as utility companies, banks, friends, and family, of your move

  • Register to vote and pay council tax in your new area

  • Clean your home or book professional cleaners

Moving House Checklist: On your moving day

  • Strip your beds and pack your linen in clearly-marked boxes

  • Record your meter readings to ensure that you are not charged for usage that is not yours

  • Be present when the movers arrive

  • Take one last look around your house for forgotten items and to make sure all appliances are switched off

  • Give your movers emergency contact information and make sure they know the location of your new home